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The Netherlands are worldwide acknowledged as leading in agriculture

Array Industries can be of service to you with a broad portfolio of emission control products. Think of heat recovery projects, optimization of your gas streams within your boiler room or soot filtration. But also modelling your CHP plume to get insights in possible odor nuisance.

We do not deliver standard products, we deliver custom built solutions and services – fit for purpose! We have the ability because we’ve got all engineering disciplines under one roof at Array. And we also install these systems in a way as you want it. Short contact lines and switching fast! But in a way that your and our people always remain safe. Do you have a challenge? Call Array Industries!

The Netherlands are worldwide acknowledged as leading in agriculture. This leading position is originated by the urge to optimize and the short decision lines within the sector which allowed for quick adaption of new techniques.

Emission control is a topic within greenhouse businesses. Think of integration of SCR / Oxycat systems to allow the purified exhaust gasses to be injected in the greenhouse: result: up to 40% more production! At the moment water quality is a topic high on the agendas.


  • Ovoshevod BoP

    Ovoshevod BoP

    Ovoshevod BoP Array Industries supplies complete Balance of Plant for CHP installations all over the world. For a project in Russia we have designed, produced and delivered the BoP for nine complete CHP systems. This project includes the supply of...
  • BPK Duffel

    BPK Duffel

    BPK Duffel In 2018 Array Industries supplied the exhaust gas system and CO2 ducting for two 3.3 MW gas engines for our valued partner INNIO Jenbacher. These CHP exhaust gas systems are equipped with a silencer (noise control), exhaust gas purifier...


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