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As an adviser and consultant to various major suppliers in the energy sector, Array Industries is close to the source. The greening of electricity generation has led to a growing demand for rapidly deployable systems.



Major players in the energy market

As an engineering bureau, Array Industries listens and responds to your needs at a high level. Our engineers are valued partners of such companies as Nuon, Eneco, RWE/Essent and more. We work together with these energy suppliers on total solutions for problems that are often technically complex.


Integrated solutions for energy problems

Many customers don't just purchase a system from us. Our engineers calculate, design and realise a fully-integrated system solution for your problem and more. Array Industries co-ordinates the structural works, scaffolding, lifting operations and insulation works for various projects. In short, we take care of the entire project. If you so desire, we can take the entire burden of running the project off your shoulders. For many years, this sector has relied on Array Industries for expert advice. Our primary focus includes Combined Heat and Power systems. We have worked in this sector and for these customers for more than 25 years.



Our engineers deliver made-to-measure solutions all over the world for customers in the oil and gas industry. They calculate and design new solutions to help the sector work as efficiently and as environmentally friendly as possible. In Germany, Austria and Russia, there are examples of projects where Array Industries has listened and responded to customers and has calculated and realised projects to fulfil their energy goals.



Are you looking for careful, calculated, technical advice? Or are you looking for an engineering bureau that not only supplies the design of a solution, but also installs it for you? Then please contact us.


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Rob Versteeg

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Rob Ernst

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