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For more than a quarter of a century, Array Industries has been a trusted partner of companies large and small in the food sector. These include bakeries, dairy processors, breweries, horticulturalists and potato processors. We understand the issues in this industry.


Higher yield

With almost all these issues, energy is one of the factors with room for improvement. As a food producer, the priority is the most efficient processing of raw materials into final products. But as a manufacturer, you may also be looking for a higher yield from your heat, or to reuse your residual heat. As a specialist in this area, Array Industries takes account of your situation and the ever-stricter requirements of your customers and the authorities.


Your industry

Our specialisms allow us to adapt readily to your processes and workflow. We listen to your wishes and carry out technical calculations to determine what is achievable in your situation.



We listen carefully to our target group and take account of the hygiene regulations in the food sector. This begins during the design phase, and continues during production and installation. From the start, we make ease of maintenance of the equipment a design requirement.


Optimising process heat

Array Industries understands your goals as a manufacturer. As an engineering bureau, we don't restrict ourselves to just delivering systems. We work together with you, for example to see whether the cost price can be lowered. We would be happy to investigate together how you can make more intelligent use of existing technology.


Unpleasant odours

You also want to be a good neighbour. We can help reduce the emission of unpleasant odours. In addition to chimneys, applications using thermal afterburners or flares are also possible. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and investigate what is possible.


Short lines

Are you a manufacturer in the food industry? Then our short lines make Array Industries the best choice. But whatever you need from us: one contact person or a clearly-defined team will be your point of contact from the start of your project to its conclusion. From the design phase to the actual realisation. Do you wish to renew, expand or realise your plant? Then please contact Array Industries.



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Rob Versteeg

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Rob Ernst

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