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For more than 25 years, Array Industries has been your partner for the design, production and installation of flue gas extraction systems. We have experience with boiler rooms and heating plants for hospitals, universities, shops, apartment complexes, swimming pools and office buildings.


Regulations and standards

Our engineers design the flue gas system and chimney in accordance with your wishes. We then integrate the instructions of the boiler supplier. We also take account of the maintenance possibilities of the system. We always work in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.


Made-to-measure solutions

We don't supply standard applications, only systems tailor made for you. All necessary engineering disciplines are present in-house at Array Industries.


Boiler replacement

Many old boilers are being replaced with the newest generation of HR boilers. In addition to the positive aspects such as cost savings and emission reductions, this also regularly leads to problems. In many cases, the existing flue gas duct is unsuitable for condensing flue gases. The result: corrosion problems and leakage. This is why we recommend against the use of aluminium and carbon steel flue gas ducts with condensing boilers. If you are in doubt about the suitability of your flue gas duct, our sales engineers would be happy to advise you.


Safety and quality

Array Industries is VCA** and ISO-9001 certified. We have the necessary certification for the design and fabrication of chimneys and steel structures. We will implement your project with the greatest care and in accordance with the applicable safety and quality requirements.



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Rob Versteeg

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Rob Ernst

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