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Emission reduction / DeNOx


DeNOx laws and regulations

Reducing greenhouse gases is an ongoing discussion in society. Ever-stricter legislation means that emission reduction is a reality for industry. The activiteitenbesluit (activities decree) imposes limiting values for the emission of NOx, SOx, particulate matter and ammonia (NH3). Since 1 January 2017, many industrial plants must comply with the new emission limits. The offshore sector will follow from 1 January 2019.



Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR)

Many plants from before 2010 do not comply with the statutory standards and must be modified. A common modification for Gas engines and Gas turbines is to fit a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to the flue gas duct. In the SCR process, urea is injected into the flue gases, which causes a chemical reaction on the catalytic material. NOx and SOx decompose into nitrogen (4 N2) and water (6 H2O), which occur naturally in the air.


Selective Non Catalyst Reduction (SNCR)

In the Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) process, ammonia or urea are injected into the flue gases in the same way, but no catalyst is present. The chemical reaction causes NOx and SOx to decompose. The performance is dependent on the intake concentration and process temperature.



New build and modification

Array Industries can handle the complete renovation of your system. This includes the supply and certification of the urea system, utilities such as compressed air and demineralised water, electrical integration and automation, as well as modifications on the flue gas side. We would be happy to work together with your plant's service contractor. This means you will know for sure that your plant will be configured again optimally in accordance with your service contractor's guarantee conditions.


Independent process solutions

For the SCR/SNCR system, we work together with various well-regarded parties in the market. This allows us to select the most appropriate solution for your application. Our systems are supplied with mechanical and process guarantees. You are thus assured that the installation complies with the statutory requirements. We are familiar with the applicable standards for Urea and Ammonia systems such as the BRL, PGS and the Activiteitenbesluit (Activities Decree).


If you would like to know more about our emission reduction solutions, please contact Ferdinand Kraal, our sales engineer.



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