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Flue gas systems


A flue gas system consists of a series of components and installations that process flue gases before they are emitted via a chimney. With 25 years of experience, Array Industries is a specialist in flue gas systems for a very wide range of applications. Our solutions are tailor-made for each customer, and are geared towards the efficient transport and processing of flue gases. Together with you, we prepare a design with the most technically and economically optimal solution.



Thermal design

The heat in the flue gas system leads to thermal expansion. We validate the design using pipe stress analysis. By using compensators, fixed and sliding points or hangers, we ensure this expansion is absorbed effectively. When selecting materials, we also take account of thermal expansion and chemical resistance.


Noise design

Flue gas systems connected to engines, emergency power generators (EPG), boilers and gas turbines are fitted with noise dampening. This noise dampening is integrated into the flue gas system and can also be fitted as a component of the chimney. The noise design is project specific and is also dependent on local noise emission requirements.


Heat recovery

Energy efficiency is becoming ever more important, and thus also the integration of heat exchangers and economisers into flue gas systems. This allows high-value and low-value heat to be reused. Array Industries integrates flue gas coolers into the flue gas system and arranges the connection to the central heating piping network.




Emission limits / DeNOx

Combustion plants in the Netherlands must generally comply with the emission limits in the activiteitenbesluit (activities decree). In many cases, this means that a DeNOx or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit must be integrated into the system. We take care of the complete engineering and system integration of the correct DeNOx for both new-build and existing installations.


Particulate matter emission

Emission standards for particulate matter are becoming more and more strict. This means that the flue gas system must capture this particulate matter. We can do so using a dust filter system consisting of filter bags. Automatic pulses keep the filter clean, which permits a long operating life.



Array Industries supplies flue gas systems on a Turnkey basis. We take care of the complete design, fabrication and installation on location and the integration of the new components into the existing control system. We take responsibility for the various interfaces, which unburdens you as a customer.



  • Flue gas system for CHPs / Emergency power generators (EPG) / Gas turbines
  • Flue gas system for boilers, biomass and wood combustion
  • Flue gas system for ovens and furnaces




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