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Array Industries is your partner in emission control. Whether you need a SCR in your CHP, a solution for an odor problem within your production process or an optimization of your residual heat. 

With years of experience in industry and combined heat and power solutions in special, no emission challenge is too complicated for us. Besides the design of your project we are also able to manufacture it in our workshop and to install it with our erection teams. The basis of design is made by our engineering team. Our specialists are happy to support you in solving your specific demand.

Meet our experts in the field of:
  • 3D scanning

  • Process engineering

  • HAZID and HAZOP studies

  • CFD simulations

  • FEM analyses

  • Pipe stress analyses

  • Pressure vessel calculations

  • 2D & 3D design

Our expertise

3D scanning

3d scanning is used in situations where principals do not have drawings of installations any more when expansion or modification is requested. Or for “hard to access” locations.


Process engineering

Process engineering is the discipline that concerns design, analyzing, monitoring and improvement of processes in industrial installations.


HAZID and HAZOP studies

HAZID and HAZOP stand for HAZard IDentification and HAZard OPerability. This is a systematic method set-up in the 60’s to detect hazards in the (process) design and eliminate these.


CFD simulations

CFD stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics. This is a method to model and simulate the flowing behavior and heat transfer of fluids and gasses.


FEM analyses

FEM stands for Finite Element Method. With this method, the strength and stiffness of complex constructions can be calculated and optimized.


Pipe stress analysis

Array Industries has developed its own software P10 for calculating stresses in piping and ducting.


Pressure vessel calculations

You can contact Array Industries for pressure vessel calculations.



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