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The developments in your market in the field of emission control are being followed by our market specialists on a day to day base. Are you interested what Array Industries can offer you? For more information click here.


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Array Industries offers a broad range of emission control products. From stack for your steam boiler to complex NSCR system for your biomass powerplant. We design and manufacture your emission control product measured to you. For more information click here.

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Our team of engineers and consultants is at your service to design a tailored solution for your emission control challenge. Would you like to know what our team of engineers and consultants can do for you?  Click here to find out.


Martin Kiep

Project Manager 


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Eneco Solar & Wind

“Not only did Array support us to comply with updated regulations within time frame and budget, but they improved engine performance as well!”


Array Industries integrated SCR after treatment systems into exhaust systems of Eneco’s existing gas engine power plants.

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We are proud of the many projects we have executed for our customers in our almost 30 years of operation. Many leading companies from the Netherlands but also from countries far away can be counted as our customers.

"When reviewing the projects we have executed for our customers we can conclude all these projects have to do with emission control and these projects can be divided in four different problem settings. Of course we can offer various solutions for these problems."

Rob Ernst, CEO





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  • Ovoshevod BoP

    Ovoshevod BoP

    Ovoshevod BoP Array Industries supplies complete Balance of Plant for CHP installations all over the world. For a project in Russia we have designed, produced and delivered the BoP for nine complete CHP systems. This...
  • Radboud Universiteit

    Radboud Universiteit

    Radboud Universiteit For a threesome Remeha boilers at the Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) Array Industries has designed, produced and installed exhaust gas systems. These flue gas systems provide a safe dilution of the...
  • Gasunie - Low NOx - Gas turbine

    Gasunie - Low NOx - Gas turbine

    Gasunie - Low NOx - Gas turbine Two existing stacks are extended and equipped with a SCR catalyst bed in order to reduce the NOx content in the flue gas emissions. The catalyst is protected from rain and snow by means of a...
  • DeNOx modification WKC Vathorst

    DeNOx modification WKC Vathorst

    DeNOx modification WKC Vathorst The CHP produces electricity and heat to supply to the surrounding households. Due to new legislation for emission of flue gasses a DeNOx/ SCR catalyst is to be integrated In the flue gas...



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